"I Love Working with People _______________"

People of conviction, like Chuck Monan

People of loyal love, like Deb Watson

People who are eager to listen, like Tina Brown

People who are diligent and who care, like Ryan Rampton

People who love people who are hurting, like Hans Oliver

People who are willing to think differently, like Keith Brenton

People who just want the best for the church, like Kandi Ashford

People who are dedicated to using their gifts for God, like Jerome Williams

People who are ready to do whatever they can to help the kingdom, like Ryan Smith

People who are passionate, like Sarah Smith

People who are diligent and trustworthy, like Sandra Oliver

People who understand little jobs add up to a big difference, like Rita Anderson

People who bring infectious joy to their work, like Barry Marshall

People whose reliability always makes the team better, and who are happy to work in the background, like Phil Baker

People who love God’s Word and want to live by it, like Linda Parker

People who do little things to make everyones day better, like Kathy Robison

People who make people their business and vocation, like Nick Hamilton

People who are ready to help, and who care for their family like Monica Alderson

People who are lifelong learners, like Kathy Carter

People whose consistently positive attitude makes everyone around them feel appreciated, like Brenda Tipton

People whose commitment to the kingdom of God has ruled over their whole lives, like Roger Pritchett

I have loved working with the office and ministry staff here at PV. It has been one of my great joys over the past ten years. Like any family or community, we frustrate the heck out of each other sometimes. Nevertheless, I love working with you guys, and am a better man, husband, disciple, and minister because of those relationships.

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